The Dragon Lands

Due to requests by players A custom plugin was added to the server that allows adventuring to a new world.

To use:

When holding a eye of ender in the kobold world, right click. Instead of throwing the eye it should whisper to you a message. There are a few different message types, direction, distance and lore. These messages will lead you to a random location in the kobold world. This location moves from time to time. Once at the location a new command will become available /dragon this command will teleport you to the new world spawn: 'dragon_lands'. This world group is linked with the other survival worlds but it resets every time the "hole in the world" moves. This includes resetting the Nether and The End as well.

Logging Out:

It is not recommended to log out in the transient worlds of the dragon lands, this is due to the fact that when the server regenerates it will be with a new seed so you might be underground or some such. The plugin will do its best to keep track and teleport you to safety but there are some hard limits inside craftbukkit and minecraft on some things.

On your own server:

This plugin was written with only my server in mind, and has quite a few hooks into my own code or my specific list of plugins. If you want it on your own server send an email to admalledd@gmail.com and we can work something out.