Getting started on

Rules / Community style:

  • First to understand is that the game play is primarily player vs enemy, meaning player vs player combat, raiding ect is frowned upon.
  • Next, the intent of the server (and by consequence the mods/admins) is for a tight knit community that is more casual in their play. So don't expect rules to be too set in stone. The basic idea is that things will be taken more of on a case-by-case basis. That said actions will occur if you disrupt the game play of others detrimentally.
  • Although there is no language filter or such, try to have some tact about what you say and how. This is the internet, you can take the time to sound polite.
  • In general, Mods are regular players: they don't spawn items, they don't /tp people around or other such things. However this is not a set in stone rule, the biggest example of it being broken is when friend of the server DarnocRis plays from his live stream the mods will do their best to provide a entertaining time for the players that join for the short time the stream is active. At times like this Mods might do mass teleports of players around at request to keep them near the action. Again this is a rare circumstance.
  • Due to the shear age of the server, there are many abandoned builds and homes, however some just have that look. to be sure ask a local mod to check it out for you. If the Mod says its abandoned feel free to raid it for whatever remains inside. Or take over ect. But be sure to get a A-OK first. Some players take multi-month long breaks then come back for a while.
  • If you are ever unsure of something, feel free to ask the Mods, if none are online at the time emailing the lead admin is the best.

Basic Commands:

  • /sethome or /home set
    • set your current location as your home.
  • /home
    • Teleports you back to your home that was set with the above command.
  • /home $USER

    • Teleports you to $USER's home, example: /home admalledd takes you admalledd's home. Note that you must either be invited to the home, OR the home must be set as public. read /home help for more info.
  • /warp hub

    • Takes you to the warp hub, a special location to help with fast traveling around the server or visiting other worlds such as the build worlds.
  • /warp darnoc

    • This takes you to the home of the fans of friend of the server, Darnocopolis.
  • /lock

    • Locks a chest/invintory entity to you alone.
  • /cmodify $USER
    • Change who can access a certain locked entity. Read /lwc help for more info.

Special oddities:

The server has some custom plugin code running as well, the most noticeable one being See the link for more information, but basically its a plugin meant to let players hunt an enderdragon on a regular basis.

Background Info:

  • Map Render of the server, updated once every 24 hours (if there is spare CPU remaining that is). Uses MC-overviewer.